...or we could start PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN

Jermaine Dupri is urging the African-American community to support Michael Jackson. The music producer — who is dating, and some say engaged to, Janet Jackson — says prosecutors tried to frame his perhaps future brother-in-law. “It’s clear that Michael was set up,” Dupri said, reports World Entertainment News Network. “What I hate about the black community is we don't protect our own... He's the only living legend that touched all our lives." . . .

I won't get into the fact that all of the survivors were latino boys of the same build 'cause I'm sure it has nothing to do with rising racial tensions over the last decade. When asked on the stand if MJ did it, Chappelle said, "he made Thriller". When asked if he would let his kids stay over at MJ's...he said HELL NO!

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