[2007 edit: This was a live blog I did while watching Katrina unfold, staring in horror in front of the tv; thinking about quitting my job and hitching a ride - - thinking people must be going there, but they weren't and I haven't been back. Yet.]

hate to say it, but it's looking more and more like the reason for the pathetic response:

new orleans = less than 27% white, black 67%)

watching cnn right now,
brid. gen david grange, in charge of forces in new orleans
"you have to have men on the ground to help keep people safe from those that would do us wrong. so it takes time"
-in response to a question re: slow response time...

Went on to say:
"With unplanned contingineces, the forces have to be larger, plan for the unexpected, this is a great example of that

"In early 2004, as the cost of the conflict in Iraq soared, President Bush proposed spending less than 20 percent of what the Corps said was needed for Lake Pontchartrain, according to a Feb. 16, 2004, article, in New Orleans CityBusiness...
Read More"

Watchin CNN with Anderson Cooper Now: Snipers are taking out Medevacs and those trying to help.

GODDAMN IT, where the FRACK is Dave Chappelle, I told my roommate that what you're about to have here is
1)Natural Disaster
3)Black people uprising...not just out of anger, but out of frustration and lack of communication lines being open. Where the hell is Jesse Jackson, where the hell is Al Sharpton NOW? My roommate's like "they're randomly shooting at relief workers". I"m like "DUDE, it's black people, does no one understand that poor african americans in this country operate in a different manner? ESPECIALLY in the South...where institutionilized racism and prejuidce has been the norm. Man was on CNN earlier BEGGING for Bush not to send the military in, that people would erupt. He said Please just send some people to tell us what's going on! GODDAMN don't they get it, angry black folk kept down for years who have guns for their own protection, i mean we're talking about the best armed folk in america for lord's sake...THEN you leave them without food and water for 3 days, WON'T GIVE THEM INFO, and THEN you send in the MILITARY. Yeah, that's gonna go over REAL WELL with the people left behind.

Gunman demanded a seat on an airlift out

And yes there are white people in New Orleans but less than 30 percent! I mean it's a black city for the most part, destroyed.... Well I guess one good thing comes out of this, I've seen more african americans on TV in the last few hours than I've seen on TV in the last year. And perhaps with the world watching, perhaps more people in mainstream america will get to witness the reality of black america's plight.

Mayor of New Orleans to CNN (in a faxed letter!):
We are now allowing the people to march.
Women: We've been asking for help for 3 days, we have no food, no water.

Anderson Cooper on Federal Response:
A risk on par with a terror attack in NY, a hurricane hitting New Orleans...Federal Study

Lt Strock of Army Corps:
If more funds would have been available it might have helped but it might not have been avoidable.

Anderson's going OFF ON the Senator from New Orleans right now, oooh that's a bitchslap! Go Anderson, Go Anderson. Oh jeez the senator's barely able to keep it together, during his tirade. The senator's not angry at anyone, but can everyone pull together as a country...

Lot of people here are ashamed of what's going on in our country, no one seems to be taking responsibility...people want answers now, are all the efforts being taken to bear, it's the first time in 4 days I've seen nat'l guard and I saw a rat eating a dead body yesterday.

Senator: I know where you are, we're trying to help, doing our very best. I want to thank the president, he will be here tomorrow I think. It's not just New Orleans, it's St. Barnards Parish, other parishes too.
4:21 PM CNN


Anderson's crying now that the baby that was missing is safe in TX, awww Anderson

[2007 update: video


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