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Save Tookie, please Mr. Terminator

Thank you for your correspondence regarding Stanley Williams. There is a court order currently in place that calls for Mr. Williams to be executed by the State of California on December 13, 2005, and Mr. Williams has, through his attorneys, expressed his desire for the Governor to grant him clemency in this matter. Capital punishment is an issue about which many people hold strong and impassioned views, and Governor Schwarzenegger appreciates you taking the time to express yours with regard to Mr. Williams. Your correspondence will be given due consideration during the clemency process. Thank you again for writing. Sincerely, ANDREA LYNN HOCH Legal Affairs Secretary

1st public school opens in New Orleans today

Greeted by welcome signs hung over the door and in the hallways, students began returning Monday to the first regular public school to reopen since Hurricane Katrina hit three months ago. - MSNBC

Now you know why there's no LOTR like campaign for Narnia!

November 28, 2005 -- DISNEY hired the Christian marketing firm credited with getting churchgoers to see "The Passion of The Christ" to help give its big Christmas movie, "The Chronicles of Narnia," a biblical box-office boost. Motive Entertainment has organized screenings at 150 churches across the country, and this week showed a clip from the film at the Beth Evangelical Free Church on Staten Island. Church groups are also being encouraged to include "Narnia" in their sermons, thanks to guides that can be downloaded from a special Web site called Dennis Rice , Disney VP for publicity, told PAGE SIX: "100 million copies of this book have been sold since 1950, and there are lots of different reasons people connect to the movie, and certainly its spiritual message is one of them. We have reached out to those people." - NY POST Why not reach out to the Sci-Fi phreaks too!

Save Tookie! Subject: Corrections and Rehabilitation Reform Please consider very carefully the case of Stanley Williams. Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh those of the few. Examples of redemptive change with such greatness do not always survive, but we need this one to. I am not against the death penalty as a whole, but in the case of Mr. Williams I think the world would be better off with him alive. Isn't the point of the death penalty to remove from this live those who offer nothing but sorrow to the human race? Or is it a pure "death for death" ideal?

news cycle, lowest point = weds...won't help these two though

Simpson, Lachey Officially Separating Supposedly Jessica auditioned to be a Bond girl recently in Casino Royale, should be good comeback situation; hopefully Angelina's not auditioning for the same Bond role (the great mistress has been talking about wanting a role, who says No to the Jolie?)... ...they usually have two female stars, it'll be great if they make Jessica the evil one; dark Angie = the angel, lol

And to think Alias survived a Zombie story arc...

Alias Ends in May, Rambaldi confused Spelled Rambaldi huh?


75-year-old jewel thief looks back very interesting.

National Security?

More embarrassment for Bush as hero of Watergate enters "row" over outed agent THE mysterious source who gave America’s foremost journalist, Bob Woodward, a tip-off about the CIA agent at the centre of one of Washington’s biggest political storms was Stephen Hadley, the White House national security adviser, according to lawyers close to the investigation. [What the hell's going on in the world of sources yo?] Woodward said the unnamed official told him about Plame in “an offhand, casual manner . . . almost gossip” and “I didn’t attach any importance to it”. He never wrote up the story. With more journalists in the loop than previously identified, it will be harder for Fitzgerald to prove Libby was deliberately lying when he said he first learnt of Plame from a journalist rather than the CIA. Two years ago, when Plame’s identity was first revealed, Hadley was Condoleezza Rice’s deputy at the NSC. He is also thought to have been a key source for two books by Woodw

oh, Prisonbreak, how I yearn

It could be worse. If this were Star Trek, I could be wearing some prosthetic headpiece 14 hours a day. --Stud du jour Wentworth Miller of TV buzz drama Prison Break, getting philosophical about the five hours needed to apply his full torso of fake tattoos for each show. God if you're a geek too, we MUST have babies immediately! SEE THE HUMAN STAIN ASAP, GREAT FILM. THINKING OF GETTING COPIES FOR ALL MY YOUNGER SIBLINGS, ANYONE WITH A BIRACIAL BACKGROUND SHOULD SEE THAT FILM!

Casting Coup of the Year! Devito on FX!

I am so fracking happy about this! Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the FUNNIEST SHOW on TELEVISION! One member of that team, creator-star Rob McElhenney, is pretty much blown away with the casting of DeVito. "When John gave me the news that Danny agreed to join the show, I thought it was a joke," McElhenney says. "Getting the news from FX that our show got a second season pickup was fantastic. Getting the news that Danny has signed on to co-star feels like we just hit the lottery." Seinfeld for the new millennium Dave Chappelle channeled by sharp white boys Awesome irreverancy From the first episode where the kids tackle racism, my hand was permanently over my mouth blocking both the screams of delight and gasps of OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY JUST DID THAT Granted I was lucky, I believe both Starved and Always Sunny premiered the same night or week, and many watched Starved but not Always Sunny In Philadelphia...whereas I watched Always Sunny first, luck

just because you're paranoid, DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE NOT AFTER YOU

"Do we see him losing his grip over the country? No," said a State Department official, who asked not to be named because he was discussing intelligence conclusions. "We are not in any way adapting how we plan for the day Castro is gone based on an assessment that he might have Parkinson's." Pretty sure they should be after you, since you prolly killed Che, or had him killed :(

one thing bush might be right about: north korea

And North Koreans will be interested in Kim Jong Chol's defence and foreign policies - which he proposes should be lead by the 'Muscles From Brussels'. Inspired by Van Damme's terrorist-busting performance in 1995 film 'Sudden Death', he says: "I'd not allow weapons or atom bombs any more. I'd destroy all terrorists with the Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme." Not the first or last time Jean-Claude's associated with "bombs". Of course he da bomb, so maybe it's still working for him...

You're Dead Cylons!

The Sci Fi Channel has picked up its acclaimed series "Battlestar Galactica" for a third season, making official what has been suspected for some time. The cable network has ordered 20 episodes of the show, which will begin production early next year. "Galactica's" pickup comes a few weeks after the renewal of the channel's two "Stargate" series, ensuring that the network's strong Friday-night lineup will remain intact for at least the next year. All three shows will resume their current seasons in early January. The entire principal cast of "Battlestar Galactica," including Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, is set to return for season three. Executive producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore, who developed the show from the late-1970s ABC series, will also remain with the show. Read More

Losing it over Lost!

Look, focus on less cool ways to distribute and MAKE THE SHOW BETTER, YOU ARE LOSING VIEWERS! Watch 2 new LOST characters in mobile phone mini episodes Personally I'm still watching, but it's very strange and a bit confusing...So many folks who used to tune in aren't doing it anymore, seeing the same show from how many different sides now? It's beginning to look like you don't have much story left...but we know that's not true, 'cause that dude was in the Peace Corp and "they only take the good", right? Lost writers we are paying attention to new info, please don't keep us salivating too long...Take a gander at Prisonbreak, they keep it goin'! LOL, of course if they break out again next season, well...yeah "I think that that question will never, ever be answered," "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof to, when asked about the significance of the strange numbers - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 - that have become so

conscious chant for peace: kindling

KINDLING (11.16.05) I can lie like the CIA -pull the covers over your head- so sweet, so tight out goes the light I captured with words You in now stamped earth Me bobbing my head as you suffocate to death, coughing how did I get myself in this fucked up situation? Good thing I work for the opposition Taming tradition: the mission Ancestral homes denied, all I've got left a right brain in the head million years in coming DNA uniting dancing a pogo prance of “This way to good life & heavenly humanity” “This way to the best without leaving behind the rest!” (Formative years before freedom make me still consider “the instead”) Could I lead into battle wild haired and leveling Republican Black Pagan Queer, but Republican? With debt saddle winking at human nature? Socialist policies have no place in America! The market makes true sense, we all put in our dollars and cents Even me, the black chick with backdue rent Glad to work for an opposing force, nature pulled I push forth;


BIG NEWS: JOSS WHEDON GUEST STARS ON VERONICA MARS, WEDS NOV. 9th, 2005 9pm *UPN* From the beautiful insiders over at Think of the trend as "once more, with feeling." This TV season Buffy the Vampire Slayer alums are proving there's more to life than slaying vamps. Here, their old boss, creator Joss Whedon, weighs in on his old gang's brand-new gigs. Joss Whedon Cheers on Buffy Alumni He's *mostly* right about Bones, it is NOT Angel at the FBI, though it's scary enough to almost be. After being annoyed by the pilot of Bones, I'm now willing to conceed that the show is WELL WORTH watching. I didn't dig the female lead at first, but the chemistry is good it's just really quirky. Joss called Veronica Mars, "the best show ever". Season 1 of Veronica Mars is excellent, the pilot is one of the best things I've ever seen (cried like a baby)... Lost: Veronica Mars? "I wish that the juggernaut that is '

Genesis reforming?

"I'm happy to sit behind the drum kit and let Peter (Gabriel) be the singer, but if it happens, I'll be there." Genesis formed in 1967, performing for more than 30 years before disbanding in 1998. Collins fronted the band after lead singer Gabriel left in 1975 to pursue a solo career. Collins went solo in 1996. Read More

Keep on running yo

LOS ANGELES - Page Kennedy, who plays a fugitive from the law on “Desperate Housewives,” was fired from the hit ABC drama for improper conduct, a series spokeswoman said Tuesday. Read more at MSNBC Hmm, I wonder what HE did...sounds like drugs or summthin

looking forward to a queen's wedding!

Asked if he plans to wed Furnish, Elton said, "It's going to be on the 21st of December. That's all I know at the moment."

I thought she looked HOT

Superstar MADONNA was shocked at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) last night (03NOV05) , when the ceremony's Kazakhstani host BORAT SAGDIYEV labelled her a "transvestite". The singer opened the Lisbon, Portugal ceremony with a performance of her new single HUNG UP, which samples ABBA's hit GIMME, GIMME, GIMME. The Abba-inspired track appeared to confuse British ALI G comedian SACHA BARON COHEN's alter-ego Borat, who thought he had stepped back into the Swedish's supergroup's 1970s heyday. Walking onto the stage at the Pavilhao Atlantico, Borat said, "Welcome to the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. "The singer before me - who was he? It was very courageous of MTV to start the show with a genuine transvestite." More Pics

after seeing gwen at the brit awards, i was thinking the same thing myself...

From Margaret Cho's Blog - Harajuku Girls Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls have been getting lots of lip service lately, and I have to say I am confused... READ MORE Well, she is from Orange County