New Film About A Female Hero

Aimee Semple's a personal hero, the church she built is Awesome!

Love her for her crazy frevor, and then much discussed reappearance--always loved a good story. as a woman leader, she's been a lesbian icon as well since her friendship with tallulah bankhead...really any chick who lived as she thought she should back in the day = a lesbian icon ;)

I didn't know she coined the slogan, "that's my story and i'm sticking to it"!

ooh aimee cut out dolls from the 20's!

Kiera Chaplin as Aimee in a new film! OMG, that's totally sweet:
"...You give your drama-starved people who absent themselves through fear, a theater which they can reconcile with their narrow beliefs.... Whether you like it or not, you're an actress." - Charlie Chaplain to Aimee Semple

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