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Finally, someone gets the ball rolling...announcement of Bush Impeachment Book in the NyPost

"A BOOK'S coming out called "The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office." Co-authors Guantanamo counsel Barbara Olshansky and L.A. Daily News reporter David Lindorff list potentially impeachable offenses as:

* Conspiracy of Lies Tricking the Country into the Iraqi War, which may end up costing $2 trillion and, so far, 2,300 American lives.

* Deliberate Exposure of an Undercover CIA Agent.

* Assault on Civil Liberties as in wiretapping and eavesdropping.


* Deliberate Violation of International law.

* Torture of Prisoners.

* The FEMA/Katrina response.


* A Culture of Corruption in Washington.

* Obstructions of Investigations into what the administration knew pre-9/11.

* Allowing family and friends to profit from the war."



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