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Johnny Depp

May 11, 2006

Johnny Depp may be smooching his ex-fiancée Kate Moss again — albeit on the silver screen. Johnny, 42, is in talks to star in a movie about singer Michael Hutchence — the lead singer of the rock band INXS who committed suicide in 1997. And model Kate, 32, who dated Depp from 1994 to 1997, is on the short list to play his wife. "Johnny was asked if it would be a deal-breaker for him if Moss was cast," an insider tells Star People. "Johnny was pretty lackadaisical. He said, 'Not as far as I'm concerned.' He said, he figures there's been enough water under that bridge." But his longtime love, Vanessa Paradis, 33, will not be thrilled, the source says: "I don't think she's eager to have Johnny relive that part of his life."
Michael Hutchence INXSAssume they're looking for Kate Moss to play drug overdoser Paula Yates (seen with Tiger Lily at Michael's funeral) whose daughters are now being raised by Sir Bob Geldof after the death of their a great comeback role for Kate, catapult her into films if she has any talent...I wonder who'll they'll get to play Saint/Sir Bob Geldof or if the film will even go there.

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