Myspace to sell 24

EW YORK (Reuters) - News Corp.'s will begin selling episodes of Fox's "24" next week as part of a plan to turn the popular teen Web site into a business rivaling Yahoo Inc. and Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Essentially News Corp is trying to take on iTunes in a very freaking big way, but whether myspace will be able to handle it who knows? Wise to only offer one show right now, because I very much doubt they're gonna get their shit together enough for a whole bunch of different tv series/films.

I wonder if it's a good thing tho, having another option than iTunes. It would suck if you have to use a Myspace viewer or something crappy. Really in the end it's kinda ridiculous, people
could just download better quality episodes

for free somewhere on the internet

Course they'd have to learn how to download.

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