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XMen 3: The Last Stand Rakes It In...but Pirates 2 will KILL!

Overall the film is a crowd pleaser, especially if you're familiar with Xmen lore, or really liked X2. Some felt the dialouge was stunted and stupid, but it's WAY better than MI:3.

Rebecca Romijn as Mystique
Rebecca Romijn as Mystique

"X-Men: The Last Stand," the final film in the Marvel comic-book trilogy, earned $120.1 million for the four days beginning May 26, distributor 20th Century Fox said...
Ben Foster as Angel

Ben Foster as Angel

... While the "X-Men" franchise is on fire, Tom Cruise's "Mission: Impossible" series is on the ropes. "Mission: Impossible III" has grossed $115.8 million after four weekends. At the same stage in their cycles, 1996's "Mission: Impossible" had earned about $145 million, and 2000's "Mission: Impossible 2" $177 million. For the current weekend, the new film earned $8.6 million, ranking at No. 4...

Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut
Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut
...While the film leaves the door open for a fourth installment, Marvel and Fox are focused on separate spin-offs involving Magneto and Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman. Scripts for both projects are being written, said Avi Arad, chairman and chief executive of Marvel's Marvel Studios unit...READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE @ REUTERS

Kelsey Grammer as Beast
Kelsey Grammer as Beast

May 30, 2006 -- FORGET about "X-Men: The Last Stand" - Kelsey Grammer is already looking forward to playing "Beast" in the sequel.

Given the boffo box-office numbers "The Last Stand" did over Memorial Day weekend, Grammer told Page Six that he fully expects Fox to order up a sequel, despite the seeming finality of the film's title.

The former "Frasier" star - whom we caught up with at a party in his honor at Hamptons magazine honcho Jason Binn's Southampton estate on Sunday - also revealed that director Brett Ratner was still shooting scenes for "The Last Stand" only three weeks ago.

But perhaps the most notable nugget he shared with us was that Rebecca Romijn - who appears to be wearing only blue paint as the mutant Mystique - actually wears prosthetic breasts in the movie. Who knew? - From Page Six

Under the TMI rule, I can't even give you the title of this article on Huge Jackman. Check it out If You Feel Like It!

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