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Galaxy Quest, Rent It Tonite!

One of my favorite films, Galaxy Quest.

Best of performances by:
Tony Shalhoub,

Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan in Galaxy Quest

Sam Rockwell, Sam Rockwell as Crewman Guy (Fleegman) in Galaxy Quest

and Alan Rickman.

Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest

I never really liked Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco in Galaxy Quest

or Tim Allen,

Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith in Galaxy Quest

but they as well leave good impressions in this gem of a movie.

Formulating a Galaxy Quest Style Attack

Seems like Science Fiction or Fantasy, but all it really is? Alien Consideration from Galaxy Quest

Good Moviemaking. A supposition most anyone would be enthralled by: what if well loved fiction were true?Ultimate Fan Justin LongIt's a personal fave in books by Neil Gaiman or the 80's child flick The Goonies, we all want something to be real other than what is. from time to time at least.

Looking back on this beautiful piece of film, Galaxy Quest,galaxy_quest_001
you see quite a few actors on the edge, for some a fading career, for others a beginning brilliance. justin long fan art
Including Veronica Mars's dad. who rocked on just shoot me, which did pull a way passable news radio (being the best thing on tv with no one watching, a quite popular american pastime even before arrested development).Enrico_Wallpaper_640

Daryl Mitchell in Galaxy Quest before Spinal InjuryDaryl_Wallpaper_640 Daryl Mitchell Galaxy Quest EdAfter injury and subsequent roles on Ed (NBC) and Spike Lee's Inside Man.


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Galaxy Quest for 8.99 on Amazon

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