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A word or phrase is pejorative if it implies contempt or disapproval...

...Sometimes a term may begin as a pejorative word and eventually be adopted in a non-pejorative sense. This happened with the terms Quaker, Yankee, Tory and Whig, and Ham radio operator, which were originally slang insults but came to be worn with pride. In historical linguistics, this phenomenon is known as melioration, or amelioration. Sometimes a term is still considered as a pejorative word by some, but not by others-- for example, Saturday night special. In other cases, some groups have attempted to reclaim formerly offensive words applied against them, with limited success. Such terms as nigger (nigga), redneck, cracker, dyke, queer, faggot, tranny, kraut, geek, chav, acidhead,or cripple are only considered pejorative if used by a non-member of the group. British English also incorporates many British regional slurs.

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