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Sony PS3 Cheats In Console Wars

The PS3 will be the most expensive of the console trio. On the other hand, Blu-Ray DVD players are projected to cost thousands of dollars, so people interested in a cheaper alternative could look to PS3s. Sony's American release date is Nov. 17. - Daily Texan article on upcoming Game Console Wars

I got to see the blu-ray and believe in it's power. The players are expected to cost $999 tho, not thousands of dollars. The exciting thing is the potential for a 250 gb blu-ray disc, 'cause once someone cracks the encryption we're talking about a 250 gb data disc. Too bad, Sony's not got it together enough to sell those discs 'cause that would revolutionize the data disc industry...but having uncompressed audo/video on DVD means total theater quality films in your living room, DOLBY 7.1!

Another thing I found interesting? That major movie studios would unite to form the Blu Ray Association, but with Sony putting a Blu Ray Disc in the PS3 they're the ones who come up on top. A friend was like, that's stupid why would they sell the player at $999 when you can just get it for $599 in the PS3?
To which I replied, IT'S THE SAME COMPANY!

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