Star Gets It From Queen Ted C


Backstage Sass
I've appeared on The View a few times (three, to be exact-a-rooney about it). Was always a blast, a little bitchy, and most pleasant. After all, what's more gonzo than gabbin' with a bunch o' broads? Nothing. Wanna know why? Because men are typically unnecessarily acidic when they gossip--which, by the by, they do much more so than do gals, I'm convinced--the femmes just know how to have fun with the juice!

Except for Star Jones Reynolds, that is.

Every time I was on that morning talkfest, off-camera, the women--especially Barbara Walters and Joy Behar--were incredibly gracious with me. Oh, with the single exception of Star, that is. She would barely acknowledge me, even when I said hullo.

Mind you, I've never written more than three words about the woman, not really interested. But she always had a way of laser-daggering me with those little eyes of hers, as if she was going to hate me, regardless, just in case I ever did write something about her in the future.

Well, here it is, Ms. J.R.: I'm a writin' about you now, so maybe, just maybe, you were onto something all along...TED LETS STAR HAVE IT, OMG

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