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Peaches, Please Impeach My Bush!

PeachesJim Farber from NY Daily News reviews Peaches, "Leveling her shocks"

The result sounds like the hottest, dirtiest, most gloriously tacky hard rock outbursts of the '70s: like Kiss meets Blondie in the wood-paneled rumpus room of your youth. If the sound recalls both the glory, and the cliches, of classic rock, Peaches upends expectations by delivering her gender-bending lyrics with a conviction that transcends the typical rock 'n' roll tease.


Take "Two Guys (For Every Girl)." Here Peaches turns the old Beach Boys slogan "Two girls for every boy" inside out - with lyrics like "Just one thing I can't compromise/I want to see you work it, guy on guy/I want to see you boys get down with each other/I want to see you do your little nasty brother."

Oh, that sounds awesome!

Yet Peaches maintains that what she has to say about sex and power shouldn't threaten anybody. And instead of seeing herself as a voice for sexual outsiders, she says her real mission is to help those with the most perceived power in society: straight men.

Can You Hear Peaches?

"They're the only ones in society who haven't had a liberation movement," Peaches explains. "Women had one. Gay men and lesbians had one. But when straight males had what they thought was a sexual revolution in the '70s, it was just so they could [have sex with] more women.

"I want to tell them something really revolutionary," she says. "It's okay to be vulnerable."

WOW. That's extraordinarily interesting. I was recently remarking that with all the new ways of living and relating the lib movements have created, no one's yet tackled straight men.

Peaches Lets The Crowd Have It

Many assume that you need not change the stream, that it is in fact, fucking impossible. But others, like myself believe dualistic approaches toward the minority and the main are the only way for lasting change. WOOT Peaches!

Peaches Rocks

Guests on this record include Joan Jett and Josh Homme and Feist. "She's dirtier than most gansta rappers. She's a lip sync favorite among drag queens...She writes dance music that rockers will listen to and rock that disco queens will dance to" - Paper. (Amazon, Peaches)

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I U She by Peaches, From the 2nd season L Word sndtk, and Fatherfucker

Impeach My Bush
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