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Please Goddess, Let Streisand Direct Again!


June 30, 2006, Liz Smith at the NY Post
--Gypsy with Barbra Streisand?!

WE TOLD you a little while back that Harvey Weinstein had a dream - to remake "Gypsy" on the big screen. His dream included Catherine Zeta-Jones as Rose Hovick, who inadvertently pushed one daughter, Dainty June (later June Havoc ), away from her, and thrust the other into burlesque and world fame as Gypsy Rose Lee. Well, ev

en though Harvey doesn't own the rights to the Arthur Laurents/Stephen Sondheim/Jule Styne classic - as Mr. Laurents was quick to point out - HW continues to dream. Big-time.

Now I hear that Zeta-Jones is not the only woman on the list to play Rose.

Oh, shall I drag this out further?


Barbra Streisand, folks. The Legend herself. Are you kvelling? Are you plotzing? Are your knees like buttah?

Given her own personal issues with a mother who did not push her or encourage her - hence Barbra's need to excel, excel, excel - Streisand could bring something quite devastating to the mama role of all time. Unless she wants to tackle "Medea."

No more "Fockers" - sing out, Barbra!

Streisand in Yentl
Barbra is an AWESOME director, actor, and singer...I would DIE if she directed Gypsy!

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