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Snakes on a Playmate

Snakes on a Playmate - Blogged with Flock

Condi Condi Condi, (shakes head)

VOA News - US Says Iranian Response 'Falls Short' of Security Council Terms Blogged with Flock

Snake On A Plane

Snake On A Plane Originally uploaded by _Faith . The NY Post is so funny

Faith Moves To NYC, 9/5

Thanks for checking out KEEPING THE FAYTH. Faith is out of action for the next few weeks, Faith moves to NYC 9/5! Look out for a revamped blog, the end of September 2006! Keep Faith Close, even still? Check out my livejournal, I'll be posting updates re: my move and life! or google: thefayth (just in case you really really miss me) HEY! You know of a nice room that needs a Faith in NYC? HEY! You know of a nice job that needs a Faith in NYC? YOU LET ME KNOW EH?

Willie + Ryan Forever!

Ryan Adams collaborates with living legend Adams apes Jack White in helping out a country star Ryan Adams has produced the new album by country legend Willie Nelson . Adams ' band, The Cardinals , have also backed the country legend on every track of 'Songbird' . Nelson has covered several tracks for his new album, including a version of Leonard Cohen 's 'Hallelujah' , subsequently recorded by John Cale and Jeff Buckley , and a version of the traditional song 'Amazing Grace' . 'Songbird' is released on October 30, while Adams is also due to perform with Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl on September 10.