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The Faith Returns!

Newly ensconced in NYC, I'm back! Well, from now on this blog will be a bit leaner, meaner and claw friendly. Peace chants will still apply, but the revolution has to include a bitch slap here and there! Coming soon: Superman Curse Returns? Kate Bosworth Bones!

Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Wear Blue, Purple and/or Pink!

Mimi Says: Just wanted to let people know about this holiday that is dedicated to us. I don't know if there are any events happening in your part of the world, but the Los Angeles bi group, which is now officially called A.M.B.I. (A Meeting of Bi Individuals), is getting together in Silverlake, which is a bi-friendly neighborhood in LA. We're all planning on wearing pink/purple/blue (or red/purple/blue) wristbands to make a political statement. (from ) It would be an even more powerful statement if people in other parts of the country wore the bi-colored wristbands as well. The rubber/silicone wristbands we're thinking of look like this and are very popular right now: http://www.wristbandwarehouse .com . They should be pretty inexpensive ($1-$5) and available in most shopping malls. If you can't find exactly those kinds, then wearing any other kind of pink/purple/blue (or red/purple/blue) bracelets or jewelry should suffice. Just think: if you and

cate blanchett as bob dylan 2

cate blanchett as bob dylan 2 Originally uploaded by _Faith . OH AWESOME!

cate blanchett as bob dylan

cate blanchett as bob dylan Originally uploaded by _Faith . OH AWESOME!