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Do You Have The Right To Serve?

This is a great, amazing thing that's being done. Reminds me of the civil rights sit-ins of old...THEY REALLY NEED HELP SO GIVE THEM A CALL! Please forward this amazing volunteer opportunity onto as many people that you can. - LOVE YA, FAITH

This fall openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender young adults who are willing to serve will attempt to enlist in the military in thirty cities across the country. When their desire to serve is rejected, young adults will sit-in at the recruitment centers. Each city will have its own schedule and demands. In all, over 1000 young adults across the country - LGBT and heterosexual, Christian and non-Christian - will sit down in the fight for equality.

L.A.'s Right to Serve Campaign Sit-in
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Tentative Schedule
10am: meet at Longs Drugs
11am: Press conference at Recruitment center
11:30am or 12pm: Attempt to enlist
12pm-on: Sit-in (I would recommend planning on being here until 4pm,
we have no idea what the day will look like, and it may end much
earlier or later, but plan on 4pm and you can decide what to do from

*What to Bring
-Signs or T-shirts that are supportive of the enlistees. (We are not
anti-military, please keep it positive.)
-Water and/or snacks
- Your non-violent love and intentions
-Government Issued Photo Id if you are participating in Civil Disobedience.

We will be meeting by the Longs Drugs at: 7021 Hollywood Blvd,
Hollywood CA 90028 (it is 2 Blocks west of Hollywood and Highland.)
It is in a plaza in front of the Hollywood Entertainment Museum
and the Knitting Factory Club where we can gather, talk about the day,
prepare, and then move to the Armed Forces Career Center a half block
down around 10:30 or 10:45am.

If you come after 10:30/10:45:
Meet us at the Armed Forces Career Center at: 7080 Hollywood Blvd,
Hollywood CA 90028

For directions to the recruiting center/ Longs drugs:

**For parking for the day, there is metered parking on the streets and
two parking garages off of sycamore one behind Longs (north on
sycamore off Hollywood) and one half a block down Sycamore Ave. I
recommend Carpooling! If you don't have a ride, let me know and we'll
figure it out. I also recommend public transportation if you are close
to it, the Hollywood/Highland stop off the Red Line Metro is very
close to our recruitment center.

**If you are planning on being arrested please email me with your
contact information, address, drivers license number, emergency

I will continue to keep you updated on any important information you
will need to know for Tuesday.

Peace and peace,
Amy Scott
Right To Serve Campaign Organizer, LA

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