Congrats Forest, CONGRATS

YES! A favorite actor AND director, Forest Whitaker won an Oscar last night!


My grandma said: I've never seen so many people of color at the Oscars my ENTIRE LIFE!

She turns 74 tomorrow, and is happy to have a birthday in this better world of today!

One of my favorite moments: being 14 and pissed at the world, got dragged to LA's African Market with my Gram and ran into Forest there. Gram cajoled him into taking a picture, even though he hates them...then I lost the camera.

(Bi the way, the scottish dude James McAvoy in The Last King of Scotland is super hot and it's also got Gillian Anderson of X-Files looking quite tasty!)

Image from French one sheet for Ghost Dog, Way of the Samurai (Best Forest film ever!)

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