That Explains A LOT: Al Sharpton and Strom Thurmond Related

Dave Chappelle Roots Revisions

Al Sharpton said he wants a DNA test to determine whether he is related to former segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond through his great-grandfather, a slave owned by an ancestor of the late senator...Professional genealogists, who work for, found that Sharpton's great-grandfather Coleman Sharpton was a slave pwned owned by Julia Thurmond, whose grandfather was Strom Thurmond's great-great-grandfather. Coleman Sharpton was later freed.

I think it highly likely, highly likely. And totally hilarious, it's like poetic justice...random connections make the world work out in the end. Maybe I'm just still on a HEROES high. (shrug)

*No, Dave Chappelle doesn't have anything to do with this. Or does he? ;)

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