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Reality Tv Kills Again

Cheryl Kosewicz, a cast member on CBS’ now-canceled Pirate Master, has died as a result of suicide, according to online postings by some of her fellow cast members. Cast member Nessa posted to the Pirate Master Facebook group on Saturday, writing, “Cheryl was found dead in her home on yesterday from suicide. Her beloved boyfriend had also taken his own life in June. All of the pirates and Cheryls friends and family are shocked and devastated. It is a tragic loss that we all feel very deeply… WE MISS YOU CHERYL, BEAUTIFUL STRONG WOMAN THAT YOU WERE… :( Nessa.” Early Saturday morning, Joy wrote on her MySpace blog, “my best friend is dead. I immediately scream out in pain and sorrow. Thousands of questions raise in my head. What, Why, When, How? But first I just yell it can’t be not my BIG SISTER CHERL…..The one who was there when I thought I could not make it in Dominica. She believed in me, kept me going when times were rough. Cheryl I am hurting…..hurting so bad because there was so

Katrina reminders

Ran across the blog that I wrote during Katrina WHERE THE HELL IS DAVE CHAPPELLE? (Katrina) at Thursday, September 01, 2005 Here's the post script...someone told me recently they had never seen one before, a p.s ( wikipedia ) , honestly I was horrified. p.s. Anderson's crying now that the baby that was missing is safe in TX, awww Anderson [2007 update: video *coolest thing: all i had to do was google hurricane katrina video 2007 embed code to find the video on recent developments, "it's getting better all the time..." *

mmm...BSG's "Starbuck" @ Comic Con 2007

Katee Sackhoff - 12 Originally uploaded by drustar I'm remaining virginal in anticipation of the final season, so I can"t tell you what was said or even search for a related link to share! Sad that they very rarely let her character smile like that... (crosses fingers and toes)

Transformers Sequel?

Transformers and Harry Potter for me this weekend I do hope. Heard a lot of people weren't jazzed about HP5, I've got low expectations cause the book was kinda eghk/move it along as well...but it's just a warm up for book 7 ya know? Finishing 4 now with the help of Blackberry. Mostly read it on the train, autoscroll means I can read all 7 in this month of July, 2007. Now the funny shit. And if you like Al Gore, he's all up on it in a good way. Fuck him being president, better that he just control our hearts and souls...or attention to the planet, right? Green THIS! I want that as a t-shirt. If you have it for sale let me know!