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Obama Wright Your Wrongs

We've all been lying to each other every day right to our faces, we do care deeply for party and color lines. It's either, Blacks walk in protest of Obama or Whites flee from Obama's Wrighteousness. My issue with Obama is simple: he must align with many pieces in a very obvious failed bid. Just another could have been, crushed by simple reality: racism exists and it dictates how people act and reacts towards each other. It's getting better all the time, but why in the heck did Barry Obama choose now as his moment? Why must he be a sacrifice on yet another altar? As VP with an viable older White female candidate, married to a well loved president it would have been a righteous ticket and a globe changing lock for 16 years. He would have fought with her every step of the way, and that's how it works best sometimes. For all their faults and fights, Kennedy and Johnson definitely enhanced each other. That he wouldn't deign? That he would basically bitchs

Mend the Rift!

Hey NY Times, I just wanted to tell you Black People Love Clintons! That's my grandfather, may he rest in peace, with my grandmother and Bill Clinton. He came over and sat at our table for close to half an hour, just chatting about life, history and his wife. Jan, 2001: my grandfather's 75th birthday at Kincaid's in Redondo Beach, CA. He told me about visiting Hillary at UCLA, where I was currently enrolled, asked about Westwood and traded jazz favorites with my gramps. Till the day he died, it remained one of the best nights of my grandfather's life. My grandmother, Clara (above) supported Clinton all the way to the California primary, till the desire to contribute to her generation's dream overrode her natural inclination to pick the most experienced candidate. It's my dream too, for blacks, for womens and for varying orientations, religions and cultures. But with both candidates being similar on so many issues, Obama's missteps with gays coupled w

Male managers dislike women negotiators?

In a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon economics professor Linda Babcock...The women evaluating the tapes said they were less likely to hire both the male and female candidates in the scenarios where they asked for more money. The men in the study, however, said they'd only be less inclined to hire the female candidate who tried to negotiate. They didn't penalize the male candidate for doing the same. - Jeanne Sahadi, CNN/Money senior writer Negotiate this! So here are some negotiating tips from Lee Miller, coauthor of "A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating": Time your move: Approach your boss with requests for a raise a few months before your review because by the time the review rolls around, chances are he or she has already settled on a number and gotten approval for it from on high. Prepare: Compile a list of your accomplishments in the past year and new responsibilities you have assumed. And find out what the market pays for the

Scenes of Heath cut from Batman?

Oh hell NO! I want as much glorious acting as possible, all the fans would. Unless, they use it at the end suggesting the Joker lives on and retire the character out of respect, that I could sob along happily too. " "My secret agent between the Armani suits saw a super private session for The Dark Knight and came out drooling. "It will be a great success, he guarantees, the gadgets... are crazy and Heath Ledger... delivered, got himself into the role and it's unrecognisable. There will be no other Joker after him." But the blogger claims audience members were a little taken aback by one scene,select to spoil and read---->) where Ledger's character plays dead "inside a body bag". He adds, "It caused adverse reactions in the audience, for obvious reasons. It will possibly be cut. (I hope not!)" Source: Contact Music

Celebrity SciFi Auction To Save A Life

Slate from X-Files 2, signed by cast and held by Chris Carter Cool, dinner with Stargate Atlantis' Paul "Carson" McGillion & former Fireflyer, Jewel Staite is a reasonable but not too shabby $1,620 ! The di nner with BSG's "Helo" is even better now that Penikett is cast in Joss Whedon's new tv show "Dollhouse" . Of course there's always the cost of getting to Vancouver... The auction has lots of cool signed stuff, but the best is Nicholas Lea modeling a X-Files 2 "jumper" :) All proceeds benefit Babz Chula, a well loved actress and mentor in the Vancouver community, This post is brought to you by the search for the truth, 7.25.08 Sources: NVidia ClubSLI 2.0 , , Hollywood Reporter on "Dollhouse"

Free Tibet, Boycott 2008 Games!

Look I love Rhythmic Gymnastics more than the next person, I adore the summer olympics and its sunny zeal for togetherness in the face of superpowers kicking the shit out of the littler guy/underprivileged, starving to death countries. Still, I'd miss 8.8.8 if it meant something big, if it meant Tibetans know other people in the world care for their continued suffering and wish it to stop. What about you? WASHINGTON (AP) — The Dalai Lama's special envoy told lawmakers Thursday that China must bear full responsibility for recent violence and suffering in Tibet and said his homeland is being "brutally occupied." ...Since China's crackdown last month on the largest anti-government protests in Tibet in almost two decades, Gyari said, Tibet has become, "in every sense, an occupied nation, brutally occupied." ...Gyari said the Dalai Lama does not support a boycott of the Olympics, which he believes could be a source of pride for ordinary Chinese. But, Gya

YAY! Margaret Cho Reality Show!

I got the G-shot as part of my new VH1 show, "The Cho Show," which I am filming right now and it is so fucking awesome you are going to just scream when you see it – I am so excited! Anyway, the G-Shot is an injection of collagen into your G-Spot that is supposed to enhance any kind of stimulation there. It is for women who have limited sensation in their vagina, which is me. My puss is more clitoral than vaginal. I am more into the outside than the inside. I am more about display than content. Whenever I go to a party, I tend to hang out on the steps rather than in the house and I never go into the backyard. And to keep the party analogy going, I don’t even have a G-Spot, per say, one place where the party is all centered, but there are lots of smaller events happening all over the area. Mine isn’t a G-Spot. More like a G-Block Party. My pussy is a lot like Coachella. There are a lot of bands hanging around waiting to play. - Read the rest @ ONTD Fabulous news, VH1's d

A job I want

I'm just saying who doesn't want to be the person helping out Gisele at her photoshoot? See more photos here...

Pregnant Man on Oprah Thursday!

***update: EVEN AWESOMER! THIS IS AN OUT TRANS MAN WHO'S HAVING A KID! REJOICE ALL YE MERRY QUEERS, UNTO US OUR FIRST MIRACLE IS BORN*** This is fabulous news, wonderful really! I've always thought that was a big step in true gender equality, men being able to carry children successfully. I hope it goes well for them, and they have a healthy happy child! The "pregnant man" is speaking out about his decision to have a child – saying, "I'm a person and I have the right to have my own biological child." In a special exclusive featured in this week's PEOPLE and on Thursday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show , Thomas Beatie talks about the baby he and wife Nancy are expecting this summer. "If Nancy could get pregnant, I wouldn't be doing this," Beatie tells PEOPLE of his wife's hysterectomy. "Who hires a surrogate if they are perfectly capable of carrying their own child?" Beatie told Oprah: "I see pregnancy as