Scenes of Heath cut from Batman?

Oh hell NO! I want as much glorious acting as possible, all the fans would. Unless, they use it at the end suggesting the Joker lives on and retire the character out of respect, that I could sob along happily too.

""My secret agent between the Armani suits saw a super private session for The Dark Knight and came out drooling.
"It will be a great success, he guarantees, the gadgets... are crazy and Heath Ledger... delivered, got himself into the role and it's unrecognisable. There will be no other Joker after him."
But the blogger claims audience members were a little taken aback by one scene,select to spoil and read---->) where Ledger's character plays dead "inside a body bag".
He adds, "It caused adverse reactions in the audience, for obvious reasons. It will possibly be cut. (I hope not!)"
Source: Contact Music

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