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Takes Longer Than a Dr Who Episode: The 4chan Mystery Continues

Internet, what the hell are you doing? Or is it all anonymous?

1) Recent emergence of the smoth, or re-emergence if you ever watched late night tv...
A recent wholly image-based meme that's been flooding /b/, it typically involves a shoop of a random celebrity/notable person wherein the eyes and mouth of the subject are dwarfed. And, of course, a tiny mouth speaks different now doesn't it? Hence "Will Smoth" - the original incarnation of the meme. Unfortunately it has also spawned a new monor of spoking thut os unbolovobly rutordud. To create one of these wacky new likenesses it requires about 10 minutes of free time, about a day's worth of experience with Photoshop, and no fucking life.

2) Anon scares the crap outta people at Wimbledon?!
anonymous scaryfaceless july 1st

All Related to 4chan?
rickrollover minutes
This post might be Rick approved, but I don't give a frak what the kittens think.

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