Takes Longer Than a Dr Who Episode: The 4chan Mystery Continues

Internet, what the hell are you doing? Or is it all anonymous?

1) Recent emergence of the smoth, or re-emergence if you ever watched late night tv...
A recent wholly image-based meme that's been flooding /b/, it typically involves a shoop of a random celebrity/notable person wherein the eyes and mouth of the subject are dwarfed. And, of course, a tiny mouth speaks different now doesn't it? Hence "Will Smoth" - the original incarnation of the meme. Unfortunately it has also spawned a new monor of spoking thut os unbolovobly rutordud. To create one of these wacky new likenesses it requires about 10 minutes of free time, about a day's worth of experience with Photoshop, and no fucking life.
(OH ED HOW I LOVE THEE - http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Woll_Smoth)

2) Anon scares the crap outta people at Wimbledon?!
anonymous scaryfaceless july 1st

All Related to 4chan?
rickrollover minutes
This post might be Rick approved, but I don't give a frak what the kittens think.

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