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Hear Lindsey Lohan Come Out!

It would be awesome if she came out as bi, joining the ranks of the Angie and Alan! Hear La Lohan on LOVELINE last night! I remember when I was a kid I called into Loveline to discuss something. All I remember is Adam Carolla talking shit on San Luis Obispo, CA my hometown. The piss stop of California he called it! So what if he's sorta kinda right, there's plenty of other good things that spring from SLO like Jamba Juice and me. I met Ann Dexter Jones, Sam's mom, during my time in NYC. She's like the nicest woman ever!

Happy Bi Day!

SEPTEMBER 23RD IS CELEBRATE BISEXUALITY DAY!!! Hooray for all bisexual, bi, fluid, ambi, pansexual men and women out there! Hooray for all those who are not afraid to love whom they love, regardless of gender! Famous Bis in History: Alexander the Great Marlon Brando David Bowie Margaret Cho Kurt Cobain Allen Cumming Emily Dickinson Ani DiFranco Sophie B. Hawkins Anne Heche Angelina Jolie Frida Kahlo Alfred Kinsey Calvin Klein Fritz Klein Madonna Megan Mullally Eleanor Roosevelt Michael Stipe Jeff Stryker More bi celebrities: List_of_bisexual_people Info about Celebrate Bisexuality Day: Wikipedia: Celebrate_Bisexuality_Day Bi Orgs/Resources in Los Angeles Area: AMBI (A Meeting of Bi Individuals) Los Angeles: Biosphere @ the Los Angeles Center: site/PageServer?pagename=YW_ CT_Bisexual_Men_Women Bi Chat @ the Long Beach Center: htt

Why Marriage Matters: Gay Seniors

Sorry folks, been away too long.  Moved back to LA, and am settling in nicely.  Gosh, the weather's great.  What was also great?  Same sex marriage being legal in California!  That is until those nasty, bitter conservo wackos decided to propose de-legalizing same sex marriage.  I consider this akin to George Wallace standing on the steps of an Arkansas school declaring, Over my dead body!   Read this article on LGBT seniors, and tell me why their social security isn't in place, why they are taxed on death and in life unfairly, why, why why?! It ain't right. For those who can afford it, there are gay-specific retirement communities and free service centers dotted around the nation, mostly in urban areas. But most regular nursing homes give shared-room preference to their married clients, and only a few states require employers to give leave for employees caring for same-sex partners. Inside care centers, advocates tell stories of social workers using gloves to treat only