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This A Perfect Moment

THIS IS A PERFECT MOMENT by Rob Brezsny This is a perfect moment. It's a perfect moment for many reasons, but especially because you and I are waking up from our sleepwalking, thumb-sucking, dumb-clucking collusion with the masters of illusion and destruction. Thanks to them, from whom the painful blessings flow, we are waking up. Their wars and tortures, their crimes against nature, extinctions of species and brand new diseases. Their spying and lying in the name of the father, sterilizing seeds and trademarking water. Molestations of God, celebrations of shame, stealing our dreams and changing our names. Their cunning commercials and blood-sucking hustles, their endless rehearsals for the end of the world. Thanks to them, from whom the awful teachings flow, we are waking up. * Their painful blessings are cracking open more and more gashes in the shrunken and crippled mass hallucination that is mistakenly called "reality." And through the fractures, ripe eterni

Be Presiden Palin

YOU CAN PLAY THE GAME TODAY! BE PALIN AS PRESIDENT! Then go donate to No on 8 in her name.

JHud Deaths, LGBT HATE Related?

Interesting. Jennifer Hudson's sister wrote today on her Myspace regarding the tragic turn of events: "When I started my MySpace all of the above was true, now because I chose to do what was natural to me and love someone, it cost me my beautiful family," she writes. "It cost me my beautiful, loving, supporting mother Darnell, my true blue baby brother Jason - I love you baby – and last but not never least, my only son Julian, my innocent baby..." "[Julian's] soul is at ease," Julia writes. "I take comfort in knowing that Julian is with my mother and my brother and most of all the Lord, and now he's my angel, he's protecting me." If you recall, back in the day when Dreamgirls came out, Jennifer Hudson clarified her comments regarding queerness saying: I have said again and again that it was the gay community that supported me long before and long after AMERICAN IDOL, and kept me working and motivated. It is the gay community

Be the forest, Gisele!

Gisele models for trees, the world sighs in relief.

"Roseanne" Celebrates 20 Years!

''I was a huge John Goodman fan before the show. When they cast him, I was agog; I was thrilled. He is a delight. But ultimately you're winding up and she's the crack of the bat. Her perspective was the one I was so grateful to see on the show. She was the reason I went. That character. People would say, 'So you're writing on Roseanne ?' I was 24 at the time. 'Do you write Darlene's lines?' I said, 'Yes, I write Darlene's lines, I leave a space, then I write a rebuttal.' They assumed I wrote the young person.'' - Joss Whedon on writing for Roseanne

Lisa and Mandy are Against Prop 8

Lisa and Mandy are Against Prop 8 Originally uploaded by _Faith My Very Good Friends Lisa and Mandy celebrate their 7th year anniversary today. They actually need a new toaster, but instead I've decided to post this beautiful ad they created. Their wedding was one of the best I've ever been to. All the grandparents, parents, step parents, cousins, family and friends were there and it was a celebration of love and the wonderful life these two women have built for themselves. MAZAL TOV! Go visit Lisa over at !

The Bi Is Back!

I asked a question, in desperation. Like sand skipping unnaturally back into the sea, bisexuality is disappearing. A famous celeb declares love for a woman, as she has for men before and a biological reality isn't even broached. Tila Tequila cements bisexuality as a culture, as a way of living and not a life. Words Matter and I'm screaming them from the proverbial rooftops. I'm really thankful Ted C. of E! Online posted my question in the first place and sparked up a conversation , kicking some folks into gear within our own bisexual community. To me that is the work of an ally. An ally is not necessarily me, they don't always say it the way I would want but they help get us closer . Use the chance to educate and invigorate! Sure, we attack ourselves and allies before rushing out the door in the right way, but eventually righteous fire finds it's true mark. Perhaps some saw the poll as a last straw, but I think that's an unconscious way to look

Vote! On Bisexuality! E! has a poll on bisexuality, please go vote! I'd feel a lot better about stirring the pot if 20% of respondents hadn't said "Not a chance, it's a stop on the way to homoville"... Bi Now, Gay Later? Do you think true bisexuality actually exists? 29.4%

Bisexuals Make Ted's Mailbag: Lindsey Lohan

WooT! My letter re: LaLohan's potential bisexuality made it onto E!'s Awful Truth! Thanks Ted for including a link to the Words Matter piece by LindaSusan ! VOTE NO ON 8!

Brad Pitt Homes Survive Hurricane, Celebrates with Hugs from Fam

FROM ONTD BY WAY OF JUSTJARED BOLD BY Hot143chocolate As mentioned earlier last week, there was good news from of the Make It Right NOLA camp that Brad Pitt’s green home development project in Lower 9th Ward had successfully beaten back Hurricane Gustav. At that time, the organizers had only heard via people on the scene and had not yet taken an in-depth look at any possible damage. Now, one week later, the results are highly encouraging. According to the site, the homes — which are designed to withstand a minimum of 130mph winds — suffered little to no damage. Most interesting, none of the designs were boarded up to protect against debris or glass blow-out. From the site, “In the construction of the first houses, we are evaluating two window protection technologies, impact resistant glass and “hurricane fabric” to protect windows and doors. The use of these technologies negates the need to board up doors and windows. We hope this will reduce the preparation time needed to prepar

Go See The Changeling!

It's so lovely to see Angelina Jolie back and looking beyond beautiful for a mother of 6.

Sarah Palin, No.

Sarah Palin is a sharply dressed moron. OK, a compassionate moron. For the first time a Red candidate has indicated the need for fair rights and responsibilities for the LGBT community. I'll give her a single kudo for that, it's a big deal for her to think compassionately of those who "choose" different. Still her intellect, experience and the hot load of shit she's shilling for should be questioned. In fact Norad agrees... Whenever Russia near US airspace, Sarah Palin's phone does not ring, despite her claims. NORAD has slammed GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin's claim to CBS' Katie Couric that she has command authority over US space guardians. Spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, Air Force Maj. Allen Herritage told the NY Daily News . "She doesn't have any role in that process." "The authority to launch and respond to a Russian incursion lies with the Alaska NORAD Region commander" solely. Moscow

Debra Winger and Nicole Kidman are gorgeous!

Debra Winger returns in the highly hyped Rachel Gets Married starring Anne Hathaway. Read about her new book and feisty return in the LA Times. Nicole Kidman rocks the cover of Elle, hella fierce! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THE BEAUTY OF AGING, WE WANT MORE!

The Many Faces of Obama

2 photos caught my eye this week Obama wise. First, this atrocity. Second, this sweet photo of Obama buying roses for his wedding anniversary.

Simpson Convicted

Not gonna lie, this photo is better than the tears of Paris. A couple of years ago, Simpson's youngest daughter rolled up to my dad's house to fight some of my sister's friends. She was 20 and out of high school, the kids were 16 or so. I called her ridiculous, but I felt really bad for her tragic tale of wrong place, wrong conception.

John Barrowman is my hero, basically

John Barrowman is my hero! Great article over at the Daily Mail (wonders never cease!) on the Torchwood star. Fav bit: 'Actually, they couldn't have been better about it. They had a pretty good idea that I was gay, of course. Parents so often do. But I do remember my dad saying to me at the time, "Your mother and I don't discuss what happens in the bedroom with you, so why should you with us?"' Most touchingly, his parents - deeply Christian churchgoers - publicly defended him against their gay-hating friends, even choosing to leave their church because of its inherently homophobic approach. 'My mother stood up in church once when someone said that all gays should be put on an island and left there. "How dare you," she said. "That is my son you are talking about." My parents walked out. They lost friends. I admire them so much for taking that stand. I never had a problem with being gay, but their acceptance made it so much ea

Jack + Karen = LOVE IT

Reports are surfacing that Jack + Karen are getting a Will & Grace spinoff . OH ME OH MY OH AWESOME! Have I ever shared that story about the first time I visited Numbers in Weho? Me and my friend, theMVP decided to see if it was as smarmy as folks said. It was. As we drifted past the young guys dining with old guys we happened across Leslie Jordan and a young guy who said: "...well, I know I'm only 18 but I have to make money somehow." Dear Leslie left that alone as we saw the kid an hour or so later in his platforms sitting dejectedly on the corner of San Vicente and Santa Monica. This in turn reminds me of the time, me and theMVP were venturing into Hollywood for some party or another. On a Sunset Blvd. corner sat a boy at a bus stop. Clean looking fellow, simply dressed and wearing a handmade sign. At first I thought it was one of those "disabled vet with 3 disabled kids on wheels begging for change" signs. It wasn't. The block printed

Brandy's Looking Good

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brandy last year at a charity event in NYC. She was gorgeous, happy, and really kind. I know she's been through hell 'cause of her car accident and I hope her new album is full of sad ballads geared towards making others feel better. (Photo from

The Hills Are A'Lying

Hmm, Lauren Conrad posts to her official blog and The Hills drama runs the gossip mill this weekend? Are ratings down again? "Today you are the reason people are saying mean things about me. You asked me if I did this and I told you I didn't." - LC's Myspace Admittedly, I don't watch The Hills. I like to ruminate on their place in pop culture and see the cast as a great gauge of MTV's infection of the mainstream.

Dreaming of Palin, a nightmare

the politics is getting out of control last night i had a dream that i ran out of gas, went to a house for help and it was sarah palin's and she wouldn't let me leave right? so i was using my phone to text msgs of help to twitter weirdest dream ever Meanwhile Leno and Letterman make me laugh! "Republicans are blaming Nancy Pelosi for the bailout not going through. And Democrats are blaming it on an incomplete proposal by the Republicans. John McCain is blaming Barack Obama. Barack Obama is blaming John McCain. And Sarah Palin is praying nobody asks her what's going on."-Jay Leno, NBC's "Tonight" show "How about this — yesterday the stock market ... suffered its biggest one-day drop in history, 777 points. Whoa, I mean, that's straight down. Stock market dropped 777 points. And, I mean, I'm telling you, boy, it's a good thing John McCain blew me off to go save the economy." -David Letterman, "Late Show."