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Our Time Is Now: Black LGBT Protest In Our Community

This Sunday morning I was proud to be part of history, when the African American LGBT community of Southern California joined forces to bear witness of their existence and need for justice. We started out at The Fountain on the corner of Vernon and Crenshaw, where only a few years ago you wouldn't quite visit for a picnic. I grew up going to the mall in the area, changing buses and even walking the various stretches of Crenshaw. When I came out I did stop visiting as regularly, preferring to come only for the odd event or filming at Lucy Florence. When I want to kick it, I tend to gravitate more southbay or west hollywood -- places where you know you're safe if you mention gay things, where you could kiss a girl and get strange looks vs. getting it in the head with a bottle. Since I grew up in a conservative, country small town, I'm familiar with the anonymous bottle or rock that comes flying from who? You get used to these things, or you only move within circles where th

Sunday, Nov 23rd, 11am RALLY IN LEIMERT PARK!

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 21, 2008 CONTACT: Ron Buckmire 323-314-2949 Official Statement by leading BLACK LGBT organization on this weekend's political action supporting the repeal of Proposition 8 LOS ANGELES, CA – Ron Buckmire, Board President of the Barbara Jordan/ Bayard Rustin Coalition, released the following statement regarding the Black GLBT March and Protest planned for Leimert Park on the morning of Sunday, November 23, 2008. "African-American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans have something unique to add to the multiple activities attempting to repeal Proposition 8. The Jordan/Rustin Coalition supports, endorses and will participate in any and all peaceful and lawful actions involving our own communities which support this goal. We are excited to announce our participation in the community grassroots organized rally for LGBT rights this Sunday at 11am in Leimert Park (corner of Ver

Girls Can Do Anything: 5 year old BBall Genius

So, now that I have been schooled in the art of the two-and-three-ball dribble by a 5-year-old, I feel like I need to work on my D, because I don't know when the next pre-school kid will come to the park, throw the rock in my face and say, "Let's do this." - Rob Benson, Yahoo Sports

My Article on

Read my article on! Was talking to my mom last night about LGBT everything, and the definition of marriage when she said, "You should tell The Advocate, YOU ARE THE ADVOCATE!" Ever since I was a kid I'm been running orgs and protesting inequality, from my middle school's Jungle Fever ball to minstrels popping up in high school wearing fake dreads and dark colored makeup. That was just growing up in San Luis Obispo, CA to some extent. And then when I came out, there were even more things to fight for. I believe we can move to closer to equality, just takes time and effort. Join us on Monday night at La Cienega and Centinela in Ladera Heights for the next People of Color in their own communities protesting H8! Feel the impact this Saturday as well, LA City Hall @ 10am!

Repeal The Marriage Ban: Fight Continues

Been a long ass week, full of protests. Last night I was driving over to C&B's for "Heroes" when I passed by a No on H8 rally in my Inglewood, CA neighborhood. The rainbow flag and rally sign were still in my backseat so I stopped and rallied for a few hours. Twas awesome to be out there with people of color, chanting, singing and demanding our rights. On Saturday, the Silverlake protest went well, peaceful and tons of folks. Lots of chances to dispel the myth of black lgbt folks being forever invisible. I was so proud of the many POC queers out in full force, and uber proud of the mainstream lgbt love for us. Sure, there was a sign or two, "Gay is the new Black" being one of them, but the Black Revolutionary Committee made their own signs too: "Gay is not the new Black, Black Gay is!" UCLA's Queer Alliance, La Familia and BlaQue joined us and we're able to do a couple chants of our own, "Colored, Queer!" and "Si, S

La Lohan Bi, "Maybe"

Asked if she considers herself bisexual, Lohan, 22, says, "Maybe. Yeah." A lesbian? "No," Lohan says. "I don't want to classify myself," she explains. "First of all, you never know what's going to happen — tomorrow, in a month, a year from now, five years from now. - Us Mag Bi's love Linds! I once saw Lindsey Lohan on the UCLA campus, she was being driven in from Hilgard and at the stop sign she tried to drink some water and instead the bottle splashed cold water all down her front. She laughed all the way down the hill and it was pretty much adorable. I liked her in Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. I was super impressed with her dancing, singing and hosting skills at the VMA's awhile back. And then she slipped into the celeb downward spiral slip stream...once you get caught as a clickable, it's hard for the tabs to let you go. Been real encouraged by her pulling ass up by the bra straps all the while combating

Be COUNTED, Queers of Color (and Allies)

Visit for more info...
I'm Black, bisexual, female and a scifi fan so everyone always says I win any token contest. Someone once told me, Wow it seems you have a lot to fight against, and I said, more to fight for. I stayed out of the fight for the most part this time. Just moved back to LA, and after years of on campus and off LGBT activism I'd been focusing on increasing awareness of the bisexual politic. Most of the black lgbt activists I know were all over the Obama campaign, devoting their time and resources there. Only a few were contacted by EQCA, No on 8, and other marriage rights orgs. I even spoke with a black lesbian couple last night that felt unwelcome in EQCA headquarters. This was after the long rally ended and we'd heard ever so much about people of color fighting against civil rights for the LGBT community. Such arguments never sits right with me unless there's a wide representation of people of color around chiming in. As I listened to the speeches last night my pa

YAY OBAMA, And now for his funniest quote

From Newsweek's Special Election Project, -- The debates unnerved both candidates. When he was preparing for the Democratic primary debates, Obama was recorded saying, "I don't consider this to be a good format for me, which makes me more cautious. I often find myself trapped by the questions and thinking to myself, 'You know, this is a stupid question, but let me ... answer it.' So when Brian Williams is asking me about what's a personal thing that you've done [that's green], and I say, you know, 'Well, I planted a bunch of trees.' And he says, 'I'm talking about personal.' What I'm thinking in my head is, 'Well, the truth is, Brian, we can't solve global warming because I f---ing changed light bulbs in my house. It's because of something collective'."

Grey's Degays and Bisexuals Vanish in a Puff of Logic

On ABC's Grey's Anatomy last week, Calliope Torres played by the amazing Sara Ramirez (above) had a bi moment. She had an awesome sexual experience with a woman, and hours later had an awesome sexual experience with a man. The 2nd awesome led to the heartfelt bi moment, oh me oh my I like both and that's weird (but ok). At least that's what it seemed like. Perhaps I was being super generous in hoping so and biphobia lurks abouts after all. It seems half of the same sex pairing is getting the boot from the show, and GA show runner Shonda Rhimes is defending said boot with: " Brooke Smith was obviously not fired for playing a lesbian. Clearly it's not an issue as we have a lesbian character on the show – Calliope Torres. Sara Ramirez is an incredible comedic and dramatic actress and we wanted to be able to play up her magic. Unfortunately, we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke's character would sustain in the long run. The impact o