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JAN 19th 2009!

Join The Jordan/Rustin Coalition, the National Black Justice
Coalition (NBJC) and Here To Stay at LA's Martin Luther King, Jr.
Kingdom Day Parade & Festival at Leimert Park Village on Monday
January 19th 2009

The Martin Luther King Kingdom
Day Parade has been celebrated for the last 20 years and over a
million people take to the streets of Los Angeles to remember the
life and works of the great man.

The parade commences on Martin Luther King Blvd at Crenshaw and lasts
for two miles until Western. It includes more than 150 floats, 20
drill teams, ten dance groups, celebrities aplenty and the bombastic
tunes of a military marching band. Local vendors and restaurants
spill out onto the street in the carnival atmosphere.


January 19th 2009 at 10:30am is the parade time. Come to the Parade
and March With Us or participate in "Keep The Dream Alive and Bring
Five To The Parade" by bringing 5 Friends to Celebrate and Cheer Us!
Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd/Arlington Ave. AND Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd/Crenshaw Blvd. Please come and cheer on your brothers and sisters marching in the parade.
AFTER PARADE PARTY AT Lucy Florence Coffee House, located at 3351 West 43rd Street, Los Angeles,
CA 90008, (323) 293-1356.
For more info and the latest updates, please join the "We Have A Dream Too! Facebook

and also to PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON to ALL your friends.

***MLK Day Sign-Making Party/Meeting***
Saturday, January 17, 2009
At 1:00pm
Jewel's Catch One
4067 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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