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Soon Google WILL SAVE...your phone (and life)

Google Voice’s Secret Weapon: Number Portability by Michael Arrington on June 14, 2009 Google Voice, formerly GrandCentral, is a seriously heavyweight product. When it relaunched in March, just a couple of months ago, we gave Google Voice a glowing review. Once you’ve jumped in head first to the product it will straighten out your phone life forever. You’ll never have to worry about figuring out which phone numbers to give to different people. Give them one number - your Google Voice number - and then use rules to determine where your calls go based on who’s calling and what you are doing...

If Dustin Hoffman agrees to push his date, can we get Rachelle back in? Twilighters might be able to make that happen.

Dear Summit Entertainment, It's nearly unheard of to re-cast a role in the 3rd film, but to do so after Comic Con smacks of real hubris. Did you think fans might not be too upset, or that it's such a minor character it didn't really matter? Just to let you know, within hours of this news forces online began to mobilize. What's intriguing is that it's not just Twi-fans that are hitting the roof but fans of films in general as well as women who have just about had it with the consistent marginalization in media. The Twilight Saga is one of the most female friendly properties released in recent times, yet this is the 2nd negative action Summit Entertainment has taken against women in the business. You're looking for different directors due to timing, fair enough. A cast member's schedule isn't workable with yours, fair enough. But it's all about how you handle your shit. Right now, your company is quickly gaining a brand of MORONIC. It's rea

Get TB: Eric is the hottest!

Oh True Blood, How Faith loves thee! Alexander SkarsgÄrd , aka the Robert Pattinson of True Blood , was quite the fan hit at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. Dressed all in black, the Swedish hunk was seen mingling with fans in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego before making his way up to Float for the Wrath of Con party Friday night. Instead of walking the red carpet, A.S. took the time to pose for pictures and sign autographs (but no biting) with eager True Blood addicts outside. - Ted C., E! Online

Bisexuals Support the Rev Eric Lee in the face of DISMISSAL

CROSS POSTED FROM BINETUSA.BLOGSPOT.COM , LABICENTER.ORG The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a civil rights group partly founded by Martin Luther King Jr., has threatened to fire the president of its Los Angeles chapter because he supports same-sex marriage..."I'm not going to let their inaction handcuff me from fighting for justice," Lee said. - LA TIMES Unfortunately, a founder of SCLC was removed from office for being LGBT, Bayard Rustin (see the terrific film on his life, Brother Outsider on LOGO or order it today at ) Saddest thing? Even the folks over at jesus-is-sav(i) know Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King Jr. supported LGBT Civil Liberties. So why is THE MESSAGE OF Love and Tolerance still missing from SCLC? To deny even established leadership the opportunity to redefine injustice and intolerance indicates this group is erring on the wrong side of their OWN history , so please use your voice and speak up in favor o

My Boss is on the Tyra Show this Friday!

tyrashow Originally uploaded by _Faith Savoy's gonna talk, be there or be square!