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Tranifesto takes on Ke$sha

By Matt Kailey over at TRANIFESTO And neither do any of the trans guys I know. In fact, for someone who tries soooo hard to be hip, you are making yourself less cool every day. I first wrote about Ke$ha’s questionable notion of the transgender community when I was writing for At that time, in an interview with The Advocate , Ms. Dollar Sign claimed to be a “huge fan” of the “transgender community” (you’d have to be a pretty huge fan if you liked the whole community – there are a lot of us, and we’re all different from each other). But her idea of our community turned out to be “men with these banging bodies, dancing in heels, singing, and having so much fun with so much make-up on.” Umm … so she really wasn’t talking about any of us, except possibly drag queens who also identify as transgender. I don’t pay much attention to Ke$ha, so I generally have no idea what’s coming out of her mouth. But thanks to Monica Roberts at TransGriot , I supports Alisa Valdes-Rodriquez in her fight to keep Dirty Girls Social Club colored and queered

From Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Challenges Adaptation of The Dirty Girls Social Club : I have seen both excellent and mediocre adaptations of favorite novels to TV and film.  It is in the nature of the business and I suppose both experience and sound legal advice have much to do with how projects evolve. "Trust" is clearly a bad word when it comes to preserving the rights to our work, perhaps a lesson for all of us.  But from where we stand, this "Dirty Girls" adaptation appears to be an effort to use the brand name of a bestselling novel as cover for a completely different story.  A such, Ms. Vald├ęs has every right to be angry and we trust she will, indeed, have legal recourse.  We support you, Alisa. There is, however, a greater message here.  As women, as Latinas, as Latinos, we must stop perpetuating stereotypes ourselves if we are to effect change (the producer and script writer of this TV production are both Latinas).  The buck stops here, chica


DADT REPEALED! Following the historic repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", Bi veteran leader Cliff Arnesen wrote an amazing letter you might be interested in reading.  To learn more about the New England GLBT Vets Inc, please visit Don't forget to read Cliff Arnesen's personal history on the BiNet USA website too. "As a bisexual in the military, there is no distinction in terms of punishment, no refuge in being bisexual. You get the same consequences; you don't get half a discharge." --Cliff Arnesen: Quote from Lesbian News, October 2001