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Touching the Third Rail, Bisexual Identity

To emphasize just how confusing and stupid Chris Cristie's stance on “ex-gay therapy” is, John Aravosis recently said,

"The spokesman declined, however, to say whether Christie would support the legislation banning the phony therapy.  So in other words, Chris Christie is bi.  Or maybe bi-curious, or simply ‘questioning.’  As I noted the other day, the entire notion of “curing” gays is laughable..."- Gov. Christie is bi on gays Aravosis clearly associates sickness with social intolerance and I would agree, if not for his use of the bisexual orientation to emphasize just how horrible ex-gay conversion is!Ex-gay therapy has been used on many people with no success, including me.When I shot a video for Wayne Besen, it was hard for me to talk about being "prayed on" or having "my demons called out".After growing up in a black Pentecostal church, I was real blessed to reconcile my spirituality with a fundamentalist upbringing.From Pentec…

Belated Birth Announcement: Michael Storm Cheltenham Kanninen

On April 10th, 2012 Michael Storm Cheltenham Kanninen was born.  Here's some pics of our big strong beautiful boy who's now almost 1.