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Yes, Dan, You Still Hate Bisexuals (I know, I can't believe it either, isn't it 2013?)

Based on the video below I can tell Dan Savage is confused about why he's constantly called biphobic by bisexual advocates and allies. Dan Savage Responds To Accusations Of Biphobia (06/18/13) Dan Savage: I'm Not Biphobic from The Dish on Vimeo . When I was a kid growing up in sunny and seriously hetero-normative San Luis Obispo, CA "Savage Love", Dan's advice column was a lifeline for me.  From him I learned what to look for in a healthy queer self ( or a decent vibrator ).  On occasion he still provides good advice to young bisexual women, but watch out if you're a bisexual man, a married bisexual in a mixed orientation marriage ( M.O.M. ), or a bisexual activist! Top 5 Reasons Dan Savage is the Definition of Biphobia   (even if he does have bi friends)  HE USES EXAMPLES OF HIS OWN COWARDICE TO QUESTION OUR RIGHT TO EXIST Over and over, it's the same sentiment from Dan : "Many adult gays and lesbians identified as bi for a few sh