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From the Archives: About the time I met Rosa Parks...

(funny enough, is back open and you can find old treasures from yore like this poem from 2006) About the time I met Rosa Parks... By Faith Cheltenham Sun's rays cowered from smog as Gram and I approached Robinson's May, that great giant of a percent off. "Don't wanna go inside" Didn't want to do a lot of things those days, this was when I was about ten. Gangly and huge at the same time: skin, bones and f^^king boobs. Standing about 5 foot 6", I didn't want to do a lot of things back then. Shopping with Gram sure wasn't top of the list. She'd poke in to see about fits and I'd have to huddle to cover my chest and curl up back into less. I really didn't want to go into Robinson's May, but grandmother was insistent with a pinched lip and flared nostril, she said, "Yes, this is going to happen". So I half snarled, with a curled lip in response as I came out of the car. I'd just finished reading The Outsider