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Standing Bi Jennicet Gutiérrez

This year saw the fewest bisexual advocates in attendance at the White House LGBT Pride Reception since 2010. Only two invites were provided to bi community advocates who work on behalf of bisexual communities. In fact, more bisexuals have died by suicide in the last 3 months, than the number of bisexuals invited to represent us at the White House LGBT Pride Reception this year. Photo Credit/Caption: Banner with name of bi+ teens who died recently of suicide (Blake, Taylor, Alyssa and Adam) From what I can see from my personal Facebook feed, there WERE a huge amount of transgender advocates in attendance at the event, including members of SPARTA , a transgender military organization. So I don't think it's accurate to claim that the LGBT community was pushing back on trans people by booing Jennicet Gutiérrez when she stood up to demand President Obama address the subject of transgender women detained alongside cisgender men. Photo Credit/Caption: Familia Trans Que

Fluid Pride Flag

In 2002, I co-founded UCLA's Fluid, a bi/pan/fluid/queer student group at UCLA. At the time I was unaware of the over 24 different labels that bisexual community members frequently use to describe themselves. I loved fluid for how it fit my particular sensibilities of not having any particular sensibilities when it came to my attractions. I loved fluid for how it described my capacity to be attracted to more than one gender. I love that our community has so many terms to describe itself and in discussion with trans and bi advocate Tara Avery during this year's LA Pride festival we mocked out what a fluid pride flag might look like. Royal Blue and Lavender stripes acknowledge that fluid community members are proudly part of the bisexual community, the flag of which shares these same stripes. Turquoise is an acknowledgement of the pansexual pride flag as well as the many bisexual, pansexual, fluid and queer people who celebrate the power bisexuality has to set us free from