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About #IAmCait, Houston and HEROES

Image Caption: "I am just  so  done with this ignorance of intersectionality. As in, ya'll need to  stop  ignoring one set of rights for another. Image Credit:   I've got nothing but respect for Jenny Boylan and the team of women working with Caitlyn Jenner but the news of their visit to Second Baptist Church in Houston has me concerned. Everyone has the right to evolve, but when will a primarily white trans movement evolve past it's own white privilege? It's a privilege to attend a Southern Baptist Church for many white folks and if you don't know your Baptist churches, that's just one more sign that you should be working with more Black trans folks like Monica Roberts! Sure, I'm glad SBC got around to apologizing for its abject racist history and for banning Black folks from marrying in their churches as late as 2012 , but the lack of intersectional approach in the transgender movem