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What The Hell Is Wrong With You? ‪#‎wthiwwy‬

What The Hell Is Wrong With You? ‪#‎ wthiwwy‬ By  Faith Cheltenham For Gamergate and the men violently hating on women. For the dudes who boycotted Star Wars because it had no white male lead but featured a few people of color and cast a woman or three. For the folks clamboring to eat brunch or drive on freeways when they have the privilege to experience  ‪#‎ BlackLivesMatter‬ . For all the folks who shushed  Jennicet  when she spoke up to President Obama on the subject of  ‪#‎ Not1More‬  and demanded an end to the detention of transgender Latinas. For those that tried and convicted Trayvon for having a hoodie up, a bag of Skittles and a Lipton tea. For the folks who are killing women by systematically rolling back women's healthcare as part of a plank to eradicate the rights of women. For the people who whitesplain all over themselves, getting angry at any evidence of independent Black thought and resiliency, whether it be ‪#‎ whitefeminism‬  or  ‪#‎ whitet