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FaythBeat: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Need To Know (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Appreciate. Purchase at the link.

Once a poet, always: 100% (2006)

(spoken word piece by Faith Cheltenham, circa 2006)

The smallest majority has been missing from the united authority.
Thousands of years
no women in class
no different brain to test
and then re-test
Welcome to my scientific method's  historical perspective.
My theory has never been women are best, just a simple idea:
make society whole
an addition of the other 49 percent
to the 50, maybe 49.9 men
just trying to equal a hundred percent.
Feminism isn't just women on top, or an
"unbalancing of natural order".
Instead it questions, what has always been best
lying in the mud
picking off fleas
living fancy free
as sumthin after ape and monkey
in fact many great minds agree
our ancestors once lived in somewhat separate societies
males come ravishing and ravaging
women are forced flat on their backs
pelvic bone evolve from aggression?
just a small crack at someone's "history" of sex.
Then in 2005 came a published study on the female g-spot
within are h…