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Bi History Moments: Anything That Moves, Spring 1994 (bisexual manifesto and cover)

Anything That Moves was a literary, journalistic, and topical magazine published in the United States from 1990 to 2002.[1] It was created as an expansion of the San FranciscoBay Area Bisexual Network (BABN) newsletter by BABN member, Karla Rossi, in collaboration with bisexual and bi-friendly editors, writers, and artists to become a full 64-page magazine with an international subscriber base. The complete title of the magazine, Anything That Moves: Beyond the Myths of Bisexuality, was purposely chosen for its controversial nature, while its tag line indicated a clear intent to challenge stereotypes of bisexual identities and behaviors. The magazine took its name from the stereotype depicting bisexuals as willing to have sex with "anything that moves".[2] The magazine's mission was to confront and redefine concepts of sexuality and gender, to defy stereotypes and broad definitions of bisexuals and to combat biphobia. - Wikipedia

Anything That Moves and other bisexual med…

Today in Faith Playlists: 061417

Bear's Den - Above The Clouds Of Pompeii (04:39)Janet Jackson - Again (03:47)Monica - Ain't Gonna Cry No More (04:10)U2 - All I Want Is You (06:29)Janet Jackson - All My Love to You (05:46)Beyonce - All Night (05:20)Tori Amos - All Through The Night (04:30)Taylor Swift - All Too Well (05:29)Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way (03:32)Chris Cornell - Billie Jean (04:41)Chris Cornell - Can't Change Me (03:23)Climbing Up The Walls.m4a ( 4:50)Janet Jackson - Control (05:53)Janet Jackson - Every Time (04:17)Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (03:44)Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can (04:40)Demi Lovato - Fix A Heart (03:13)Adele - Hello (04:55)Adele - I Miss You (05:48)Taylor Swift - I Wish You Would (03:27)Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (02:41)U2 - In A Little While (03:40)Coldplay - Life In Technicolor (02:30)Tori Amos - Livin' On A Prayer (05:52)BeyoncĂ© - Love on Top (04:27)U2 - Mysterious Ways (04:03)Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods (03:55)Coldplay - Paradise (04:37)T…

Bisexual White House History Links