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Petition: LA's DA Lacey needs to start prosecuting killer cops

The petition:   3 things: 1. Call @MayorOfLA & tell him 2 #FireBeck 213-978-0600. 2. Sign petition 2 prosecute killer cops. 3. SHARE — #BlackLivesMatter-LA (@BLMLA) September 11, 2017 The comment I just made after signing the petition: In the history of LA policing there has never been as much right to murder Black men, women and children by police of ANY COLOR. It's important to identify that the anti-Blackness of LAPD is not just white, it's also Latino, it's South Asian, it's also in some sad cases I may or may not be related to Black...but that doesn't mean we can't all come out the other side of this. First step? #FireBeck and have DA Lacey start prosecuting police officers who shoot community residents. Next step start listening to Black Lives Matter: Los Angeles, and start attending events they encourage you to attend and start changing the policies they recommend you do. All while overhauling and