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Kim Wall: Woman Journalist and Hero, A Reading List

Recently shared with me... "Let’s remember Kim Wall by the great journalism she did and the impact she made. The Guardian Asian, queer and dancing defiance: 'Everything we do now is resistance' It's not about sex, it's about identity: why furries are unique among fan cultures Biohackers push life to the limits with DIY biology Vodou is elusive and endangered, but it remains the soul of Haitian people Bearded Villains: 'A beard is not a fad. It’s not fashion. It’s a lifestyle.' Too fat for fitness? Not when you're Roz the Diva, a pole dancing queen A day with Saira, one of the original topless painted ladies of New York City Interview with a real-life vampire: why drinking blood isn't like in Hollywood This dome in the Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste – and it's leaking VIDEO: Naked in an island idy

Twitter Banned Bisexual, But We've Won This Before (receipts within)

Thank you to The Daily Beast for covering the continuing saga that is the blocking of the word bisexual on the internet. For those without memories like mine , a look back on previous bans of the word bisexual online. GOOGLE BANS BISEXUAL (2009 - 2014) We aimed for #badbisexualface here, me and Tara Avery, longtime bi trans advocate, cartoonist and publisher. This image was used by Pasadena Star News in 2014 as part of their story. " Google’s Bisexual Problem ", (by me, Faith Cheltenham) "Google restricts ‘bisexual’ from autocomplete because of correlation to pornography" , Pasadena Star News "Google Autocomplete Still Blocking ‘Bisexual’: LGBT Advocates Fight For Fair Treatment Of Search Terms" , International Business Times (with a helpful quote from Jeff Hermes, director of the Digital Media Law Project at Harvard University). "Google still blocking the word ‘bisexual’ from autocomplete" , PinkNews APPLE B