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No Chains On Me: Surviving Coercive Control

No Chains On Me: Surviving Coercive Control By thefayth In honor of Lynnette McFadzen, former BiNet USA President and my friend, and fellow survivor. Today I announce myself the survivor, and veteran of intimate partner violence with mathiastck, my former husband. While doing so I’ll also introduce a term, co-abuse, and identify how lack of awareness of co-abuse leads to further abuse. And there’s a story about me and Jeffrey Epstein in there too. I’ve written these words many times, and published a detailed account of my own attempted murder last year for a smaller circle of readers; but this is the first time I openly accuse my ex-husband, mathiastck, of spousal abuse including: stalking, coercive control, marital rape, financial abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse and physical abuse. My husband who works at the manager level at Facebook has even used Facebook to look at my personal Facebook profile to glean details about my life without my permission or request. He’s