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Stop Leaving The Most Intersecting At Every Intersection

NOTE: I wasn’t gonna publish this personal piece about my current lived experience, sometimes you write and see what happens. Then, I went to my kid’s school last week and saw white Martin Luther King covering the walls of his after school program. Ain't never seen white MLK before; and I call myself an anti-Blackness detector! I’m thinking we call it anti-Blackness 2.0; when Black icons are claimed for white supremacy by communities of color who aren’t Black. I’m not comfortable keeping my silence over my own experience of discrimination or the fact I feel forced to move consistently because of it. Stop Leaving The Most Intersecting At Every Intersection My experience as a Black queer, trans, intersex and bi+ housing insecure woman in California. By thefayth, Faith Cheltenham Really pisses me off the headlines. “Black, LGBTQ students suffer!” Or “LGBT students, Black students doing poorest in California schools.” Meanwhile what about the BLACK LGBTQIA students in Ca